Monday, April 15, 2013

We're off on a quest... a Princess Quest! It should be royally entertaining...

We have decided that the Walker Ohana Academy should be renamed the Walker Ohana Princess Academy.

After reading The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale earlier this year, we started discussing what a princess should really be like.  We talked about how they should act, think, look, etc.  We made a list of what we would like to be like if we were a princess.  We even talked about how we are all daughters of a Heavenly King.

So, Mom began to think about it and think about it and think about it.  She had dreamed of doing some sort of fun unit study about princesses since they lived in Hawaii and toured the I'olani Palace.  Now things were finally coming to mind to do to make it worthwhile.  And then it came to this- a mysterious package was left on the table in the living room this morning:

Looks like there is a letter for all the girls.

So the process began.  Since our journey would take us around the world, we would need a Princess Quest Passport. As with any passport, there were forms to complete and documentation to find to go with it.  The process was involved:
Once we completed the written portion, we needed to submit finger prints...

Even the youngest were not left out of this process.

And any princess worth knowing has pretty lips, so we must have a copy of that kisser!

Foot prints will help with finding the right shoe?  Are you sure this is necessary?

Hand prints too?  That tickles, you know?

In the end, each girl was able to have her prints done as well as a photo to go with her passport and a silhouette, too.  The processing time should be quick if everyone filled out their paperwork correctly.  Meanwhile, they went ahead and began the arduous process of putting together their handbooks which will guide them on their quests.
Baby L




 Even Mom got to put her own together to keep things organized for all.

Here's to the Princess Quest participants!  What a lovely group of ladies.  :)

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